art_collective Charity Driven Contest. Sponsored by trekell_art_supplies!

"Futuristic Visions"
Fusing Mother Nature with technology.

Example: Animals, plants, flowers, trees combined with Metal, wires, etc.

1. Follow theme; only original art work created for the comp accepted.

2. Tag art_collective trekell_art_supplies & #futuristicvisions.

3. Comp submissions must be done by March 10, 2014.

4. 03/10/2014 Eight Finalists will be chosen. At this point, one finalist a day for the next eight days will be featured on where the public will be able to donate towards the charity AND for the possibility to win your ORIGINAL artwork.

5. ALL MEDIUMS! Keep in mind, someone will win your work and it will need to be shipped.

6.Winner will be chosen at the end of the eighth day by the number of votes (donations) made towards Dreaming Zebra and their artwork.
Artist with the highest $$$ donated wins, not only bragging rights and piece of mind that you (the artist) helped out a wonderful cause, but a PRIZE pack from trekell_art_supplies!

Any further questions - Art Collective owner/creator b_rad_or_die. Owner/Project manager launia webmaster/partner damon__lucas & project coordinator jerrychacon.


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